How to Get Cauliflower Ears – UFC Cauliflower Ear Earned MMA Fighter

Cauliflower ear is a preventable nuisance, However, it has taken a life of its own, turning into quite simply a medical development. How get Cauliflower Ears? Is the frequently asked question by every wanna be wrestlers. We’ve seen videos of persons taking hammers to their ears to do the physical malformation speedily, as a way to self-identify as a “fighter,” while not having to put the real hard work to earn it.

UFC Cauliflower ears is a gained malformation or deformity of the outer part of the ear to which wrestlers and Mixed Martial artists are particularly in danger.  This condition is widespread in boxing, mixed martial arts or wrestling, and in full-contact sports such as rugby union football.

It is considered, that the cauliflower ear is earned. The younger wrestlers are trying out every method to How to get Cauliflower Ears, it positively won’t improve their fighting skills. Thus, unless they’re ready for the continued complications that it will cause, we might extremely suggest avoiding it. Thus simply keep wearing that head gear throughout training.

Untreated Cauliflower Ear will cause the ear drums to rupture, as a result of the pressure which it will build up within the ear canal and rupture the ear drums. This is often Irreversible, pressure-induced deafness. Not to mention, it’painful.


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There are 2 parts to prevention.

  1. Is education and knowledge about what Cauliflower ear actually is? Everybody needs to keep in mind the fact that it can cause a lifetime deformity. So severe that it closes off the ear canal and there’s hearing loss until it’s clinically operated.
  2. Is that martial artists must have on headgear throughout the grappling portion of their training whenever possible.

To avoid the creation of UFC Fighter Cauliflower ears, primary treatment of an acute hematoma must comprise ice packs and pressure bandages. Aspiration or several drainings with the application and frequent changing of a pressure dressing may be necessary.



Top 5 most talked about UFC cauliflower ears

However, especially given the boosting reputation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where cauliflower ear propagates among practitioners, many male grapplers cultivate “the ear” as a badge of honor and of longevity in the sport. Its appearance is certainly distinctive, and apparently, it impresses at least some of the ladies.

7.) Alexander Gustafsson


Alexander Gustafsson cauliflower ears

Alexander Gustafsson cauliflower ears


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6.) Frankie Edgar

 cauliflower ears

cauliflower ears


5) Jаmеs Thompson

Jаmеs Thompson cauliflower ears

Jаmеs Thompson cauliflower ears

4) Bj Penn


3) Kazushi Sakuraba

UFC Cauliflower Ears

Kazushi Sakuraba cauliflower ears


2) Leslie Smith

UFC Cauliflower Ears

Leslie Smith cauliflower ears


1) Rаndy Couturе


UFC Cauliflower Ears

Randy Couture cauliflower ears


Here is what the most famous UFC Cauliflower ear holder; Randy Couture has to say about his ear,

“Nobody really cares about the other stuff. It’s my ears that are famous, only thing what they ask me is that How to get Cauliflower Ears?” he says. “People want to feel them, squeeze them and take pictures. These ears attract a crowd.”

Except, of course, for Couture, who mostly wishes his famous deformity would go away.

“What does it feel like?” strangers ask.

“Basically like hell,” he tells them.

That’s the secret of UFC Fighter’s cauliflower ear, Couture says: You want it until you finally have it, when you want nothing more than for it to go away.

Whether they wanted to or not, Couture and other best UFC fighters have turned cauliflower ear into a popular badge of honor in wrestling, boxing, and MMA. What was once an ugly injury has now become a living trophy that commands respect for these fighters.

So the next time you see someone with ears that look like mashed Silly Putty, keep in mind that might be UFC Fighter’s ears. Be friendly—and speak loudly!


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