Watch Sexy Pic of Tough Mudder Girls Doing Adventure Races

Running is usually not allowed in the Bodybuilding and weightlifting. Several bodybuilders seem to hate anything related to Cardio, solely giving attention on building muscles that are supposed to compete with everyone in the gym and on Stage. Cardio is identified as the finisher of gains and that is why every bodybuilder hates it. Every bodybuilder have a dream of fighting with the big shots, but, however, if anyone who wants do cardio, doing a Mud Obstacle Race, whether the Tough Mudder obstacles or the Spartan Race, should be it. Enjoy these fit Tough Mudder girls doing the Tough Mudder challenge!

Adventure races have a huge number of fans nowadays, with several different versions famous all around the globe. Every new day or new mud event, they are coming out with a modern version of mud wrestling except the fact that instead of being degrading the level, they are making it more fun & challenging. That’s a win-win situation because Hot Tough chicks worldwide are coming to these races and we have got the pictures to prove it.


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It attracts, welcomes and encourages many women who come from different backgrounds, involving young ones to the oldies with different fitness abilities… it is a carnival where there is a celebration of friendship, love and a place achieving something you never thought possible!

Tough Mudder Girls

Tough Mudder Girls

The organizers have tour the country to ask from some of their past contestants to find out what they loved about Filthy Girl, & to be very frank every former participant loves every bit of Muddy obstacles and races.

Tough Mudder Girls

Tough Mudder Girls

This race have GIRLS ONLY fun-filled and muddy obstacle course followed up by an exclusive & rocking after party and a two-night long summer camping weekend!

Tough Mudder Girls

They have all & every bit on the site to make tough mudder girls’ weekend muddy & dirty making it a memorable one! From a glass of bubbly at the finish line to showers, changing facilities and some mischievous pamper tents to keep Tough mudder girls looking fabulous! They have hair and beauty experts for tough mudder chicks to prepare for our grand finale and the highly rocking Filthy Girl Afterparty!!

Tough Mudder Girls

You really don’t want to miss that party!

Tough Mudder Girls Tough Mudder Girls

Your t-levels would bang out of the roof, by watching hot pictures Tough Mudder chicks. These Hot race girls are not only sexy but also very competitive when it comes to their races & completing their obstacles courses.

Basically, the Tough Mudder chicks participate in 10-12 mile obstacle mud run. The obstacles make the race much more fun & physically tough for these Hot race girls.

Here we have a list of some very funny but competitive obstacles that these Tough Mudder girls have to complete to win!

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Tough Mudder Obstacle 1 – Mud Mile

Several ditches are made of around 15 x 7 feet filled with muddy water. Between every ditch, there is uplifted obstacles made up of mud. Every participant has to cross such obstacles & jump into ditches filled with muddy water & complete the whole course taking minimal time.


Tough Mudder Obstacle 2 –Arctic Enema –

an ice bath that will chill you to the core

Tough Mudder Obstacle 3 – Cage Crawl 

small ditch lanes are made up of 20-30 feet, where such channels are filled up with water & mud


Tough Mudder Obstacle 4- Funky Monkey –

The objective is to reach point B from point A, where there is monkey ladder above ground level upto 10 feet & on the ground, there is big ditch filled with Muddy water. There is monkey ladder after which there is some steering wheel type instrument on which participant hangs on & steer forward to the target point.


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Tough Mudder Obstacle 5- Walk the Plank

walking on a wooden plank under which there is whole space filled up with mud

Tough Mudder Obstacle 6- Everest 

¼ pipe that requires a good starting run to get to the top

Tough Mudder Obstacle 7-Electroshock Therapy

10,000 volts that will bring our moves that you didn’t know you had.

Some other famous & worth mentioning obstacle races are:


  • Hero Carry
  • Kiss of Mud
  • Pyramid Scheme
  • Killa Gorilla
  • Trench Warfare
  • Balls to the Wall
  • Quagmire
  • Ha Ha Ditch
  • Hold your Wood
  • Boa Constrictor
  • Hero Walls


These muddy obstacle races are of course the perfect opportunity to prove to that you are a Tough mudder Girl.

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