Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction 2017 Guide

Few years back there was a football league called the Lingerie Football League. It was sexy & heart beat raiser for boys. Fit, sexy figure women who could throw, catch and tackle, doing so in bras and panties. There really was heaven for frat boys’s eyes. In 2013, that league gets modified, “lingerie” changed to “league” and there uniforms also changed, they have to wear knee & elbow pads. Many frat boys missed main lingerie league, with that idea came Lingerie Fighting Championships.

The Lingerie Fighting Championships as the name suggests, they are fighting championships of females wearing lingerie, yes you read it right. Fit & sexy babes step into the octagon cage to scrap other hot & fit female lingerie fighter, but rather than the usual sports bras and booty shorts, they wear makeup and underwear. It is a Las Vegas-based promotion and resembles the WWE about as much as it does any actual MMA promotion. In fact, while there is some indication that most of these girls have some fighting training, they’re pretty much lingerie models willing to scrap each other for money. if you want to know new UFC Fight Night Schedule 2017

Some hottest Female fighters include:


Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction


Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction


Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction


Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction


Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction

As lingerie fights happen, intentionally or unintentionally they are mistakes which happens during the fights like lingerie malfunctions, popularly known as Lingerie Fighting Championships malfunction.

Here are some instances of Lingerie Fighting Championships malfunction.

  • Raquel Pennington vs Leslie Smith
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The accidental award Lingerie Fighting Championships malfunction goes to the awesome Leslie Smith. This bizarre event happened in Invicta Fighting Championship 4.  That day world saw that part of her body which Leslie Smith wouldn’t want to show. As, Leslie took her opponent to cage border while the lingerie fighting, accidentally her right b**b came out of her bra. But, Leslie Smith was a damn warrior, continuously throwing shots for almost 30 seconds, with a wardrobe malfunction, that took some guts, what a warrior!!!!!!

Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction

  • Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche

Unfortunately for Ronda, she had put on a new sports bra that she did not have time to try it beforehand. At the middle of the round of lingerie fight came instance when she had Liz Carmouche hold on her back and her sports bra was being stretched. Rousey adjusted her sports bra several times along the fight, when finally Ronda’s top nearly came down to reveal her “assets” to the entire world, making an addition to the list of Lingerie Fighting Championships malfunction.


Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction

  • Alexis Davis vs Shayna Baszler

Alexis Davis took on accomplished, trained old-time Shayna Baszler on the Invicta 4 fight card. As soon as the lingerie fight hit the ground, Alexis revealed her little personal parts which was covered by a thong, a little thin thong.

Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction

  • Elizabeth Phillips vs Jessamyn Duke

At Ultimate Fighting Championship on FOX show last year, Elizabeth Phillips played against Jessamyn Duke on the fight pass portion of the event. During the lingerie fight Elizabeth experiences the first “official” nip slip in UFC history, and also the second. Before this they were many instances which couldn’t be called nip slip but these were legit, enlargely visible full on nip slips. These wardrobe malfunctions came in the first and third round, both times when Elizabeth was on her laying on her back by her opponent.Lingerie Fighting Championships Malfunction

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They are searching the world to find extraordinary women with the following qualities:

Athleticism / Agility / Beauty / Charisma / Personality / Stamina / Strength

Good luck to all the contestants!


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