Heaviest WWE Wrestlers of All Time Top 10 List of MMA FIghter

Gaining, Gaining & gaining the most pleasure-giving word for our heaviest WWE Wrestlers. Moreover, everyone wants to eat every delicious food available in this world but no one wants to have the weight gained from it. This is not the case for our Heaviest WWE Wrestlers, they like to eat, eat & eat until they become bulky & giant as a tank and to be very frank they do not even care about the gained weight. Because as heavy, giant or obese you can be more difficult is to hit you, displace you & with the more massless pain you have. The great game of wrestling has witnessed many heavy wrestlers coming & going, they have graced the game & increased the competition, entertainment level & fun in WWE.

 Here is the list of HeaviestWWE Wrestlers who ever graced this game:



10. Andre The Giant (520 pounds)


Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Tenth on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Andre, he was evaluated as 520 pounds, is one of the most famous wrestlers in history. He was an absolute legend. He won many hearts not only in wrestling but also for his role in “The Princess Bride” and several other movies. Tales of his drinking and eating habits were well-known.

Andre’s weight was changing but not with huge magnitude, but as said before the thing that had going his way was because of his mammoth weight.


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9. Haystacks Calhoun (601 pounds)

Heaviest WWE Wrestlers


Ninth on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Haystacks, he was one of the famous wrestlers of his time. He was a 601-pound huge man who somehow still managed to keep his cool.  One of the first heaviest wrestlers who graced the game. Some people say that he weighed 300 pounds by the time he was 14 years old.

One of the reasons for Calhoun’s success has he actually had a wide variety of grappling moves, and for a person who was over 600 pounds, can easily finish opponents just like that. His finishing move was called the Big Splash.

8. Man Mountain Mike (623 pounds)

Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Eighth on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Man Mountain Mike. A huge man who wrestled with his 623 pounds weight is something commendable. He can eat buffet before training with Al Lovelock to kick-start his wrestling. He would then make a tag team with the big man Haystacks Calhoun, the duo combined touching the scales more than 1,200 pounds. Neither the wrestler could fit on the apron, so the non-active partner would have to stand inside the ring.

Man Mountain Mike was a part of the WWWF in the 1970s, the predecessor to the WWE, where he clubbed up with another big man Jerry Blackwell. He most of the time wrestled barefooted and would finish off his opponents with a big splash, kind of a common thing for a man like him. He died in 1998 due to blood clots after a cut on his leg became infected.


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7. Yokozuna (641 pounds)

Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Seventh on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Yokozuna. One of the most dangerous big men we’ve seen since Andre The Giant and another wrestler who kept on rising during the course of his career. Earlier, he was 550 lbs when he won the WWE title from Bret Hart, then Hulk Hogan in 1993. He rose to 568 pounds by Summerslam, stops at 589 for a while and was apparently 641 pounds when he won the World Tag Team Title with Owen Hart in 1995.

He was in due course forced to go out of the WWE due to his weight problems and buzzes went around that at that time Yokozuna had broken the 800-pound barrier. He died as a two-time WWE Heavyweight champion aged at 34 and will always be remembered for squeezing opponents with his Bonzai Drop.


6. Maximum Capacity (650 pounds)

Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Sixth on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Maximum Capacity. The rightly named Maximum Capacity was frequently called as the World’s Largest Athlete during his independent career. A wrestler who was 650 pounds of pure mass was something to believe. Earlier he used to work as a bouncer in Florida before coming in wrestling where he worked his way out & wrestled in America, Japan, and Europe.

He always had a dream of wrestling with the big man Yokozuna but never had the opportunity. His life was not as healthy, with enormous weight comes hypertension, asthma, and diabetes. In 2011 he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and he died 3 years later.


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5. Giant Haystacks (685 pounds)

Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Fifth on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Giant Haystacks, he was born in England and wrestled all over the globe. He truly was a giant, not only did he weigh 685 pounds but stood tall with his height almost as 7 feet tall. He used to be a laborer and a bouncer until a friend suggested him to take up wrestling and get money for being so huge & heavy, which was certainly a great idea for him.  He wrestled in many leagues.

He entered the WCW in 1996 and was indulged in a fight with Hulk Hogan, which sadly was cut short when he was diagnosed with cancer.  Giant Haystacks died at the age of 52.


4. Martin ‘The Blimp’ Levy (700 pounds)

Fourth on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Levy, he was found in the mid-1930s while employed as a fat man for a circus. Sometimes he was weight at 625 pounds while that number oscillated nearly two decades of wrestling career and he was supposedly was closer to 700 pounds. Confident to say in those early years he was the biggest & heaviest wrestler the industry had ever seen.

Despite his hugeness, he was also comparatively agile which quite an advantage for his wrestling career. Levy died aged 56, reportedly weighing about 900 pounds.


3. Hornswagglin Hillbilly – 725 POUNDS

Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

Third on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Hornswagglin Hillbilly. An indisputable bulkiest man who was at 725 lbs, Hornswagglin’ Hillbilly relished his best years with Juggalo Championship Wrestling. In the course of a match with the 141 pounder Tom Dub, commentators made a joke that Hornswagglin’ Hillbilly had King Kong Bundy (a 458 pounder himself) under his trousers. In that same match the heavy fella struggled to climb the stairs into the ring, then beat the shit of Dub in about 30 seconds finishing match off with a huge splash.

He didn’t trouble to climb on Dub, just stayed in position while the referee counted to three. He has also wrestled in Japan where he was known as Haystacks Calhoun Jr.


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2. The Mcguire Twins (743 & 723 pounds)

Heaviest WWE Wrestlers


Second on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers are the Mcguire Twins. Benny and Billy McCrary enter into the list because they are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest twins of all time. Haystacks Calhoun once said he felt skinny when entering into the ring with the McGuire Twins. At 10 years of age they were already 200 pounds each and that had increased to 600 by the time they were 16. In 1978 Billy was 743, and his Benny was 723, meaning as a tag team they combined to weigh almost 1,500 pounds.

Their famous moves comprised of Tupelo Splash and the Steamroller. Billy died in 1979, with his brother living almost 22 years longer. They are buried together under a 13-foot wide headstone in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

1. Happy Humphrey (802 pounds)


Heaviest WWE Wrestlers

First on the list of Heaviest WWE Wrestlers is Happy Humphrey. The biggest & heaviest of them all, Happy Humphrey touched the scales to 802 pounds throughout his wrestling career. He once wrestled a bear in 1953 before coming to humans and continued about 9 years in the game before his weight forced him into retirement. The highpoint of those 9 years was wrestling Haystacks Calhoun at a full-house Madison Square Garden.

He struggled throughout his life with his huge weight, getting trapped in a phone booth on one instance and on a movie theater seat on another. He could eat 15 chickens in one sitting and increased to more than 900 pounds after he quit wrestling before losing an enormous 570 pounds. He lived to the age of 62 before due to a heart attack, at that time he was at 600-pound mark.


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