Top 10 Gay Wrestling WWE Who Came Out To Be Very Close During Fight

Today’s world is liberal minded, with folks at liberty to like who they want to – be it from the alternative sex or the same one. And with the US, the birthplace of WWE, declaring gay wedding legal across its borders, folks will currently profess it openly. However, did you recognize that a number of the gay wrestlers on WWE’s or Gay Wrestling WWE

 Keeping that in mind, let’s take a glance at 10 Gay Wrestling WWE superstars.


1. Pat Patterson

First, on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is WWE Hall of Famer Pierre Clermont aka Pat Patterson, famously known as the first Intercontinental Champion, was one amongst the first WWE superstars to come back out as gay wrestlers on WWE. Patterson was brazenly gay since the Seventies however his physiological property wasn’t brought within the WWE till 2014 throughout the WWE Legends’ House.

In fact, Patterson had to step down from WWE once he was defendant of homosexually harassing his staff. Currently, a creative advisor with the WWE, Patterson was in a relationship with life long partner Louis Dondero for forty years till his death.


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2. Darren Young


Second on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Fredrick Douglas Rosser III aka Darren Young was the ex- WWE Tag Team Champion and current RAW star. Young, made history in 2013 once he confirmed he was gay, turning into the primary wrestler to confess whereas when he was still with the WWE.

The 35-year-old gay wrestler on WWE received extensive support for his honesty from several other fighters, together with the WWE, who released out a press statement in lieu of support.


3. Chris Kanyon


Third on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Chris Kanyon. The tale of the late Christopher Klucsarits aka Chris Kanyon is a puzzling one. Illustrious for his decade long stint on WWE, Kanyon started grabbing attention by being brazenly confessing that he is a gay wrestler WWE, thus he was discharged by WWE as a result of his sexuality.

The wrestler later gave a series of interviews declaring his actions were simply done to get the attention of public & also to probably draw in new employees. Before his death, Kanyon written a book titled Wrestling Reality during which he explained his struggles as a closeted gay within the robust atmosphere of WWE.

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4. Orlando Jordan


Fourth on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Jordan, who was extra famous for his stint on TNA, however still enjoyed a fan following throughout his time with WWE. He beat John Cena with the assistance of JBL in 2003 to become the new US Champion – the primary and solely title he won in the WWE.

Presently living in Australia, Jordan came out as bisexual & married an Australian girl in 2013. The 40-year-old is the proprietor of 2 wrestling schools, 1 of his adopted residence of Melbourne in which he focuses his time on mentoring upcoming talent.

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5. Tylene Buck


Fifth on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Tylene Buck. Bust first break into the wrestling world in 1999, wrestling for the WCW as a member of the nWo ladies. She wrestled as character Major Gunns.

Gay wrestlers in WWE Tylene had few noteworthy storylines and was discharged from the WCW by 2001. When making an attempt at Xtreme professional Wrestling for a while, she retired from the game permanently, entering into a new industry. Buck is bisexual and currently working as an adult pornstar.

6.Terry Garvin

Sixth on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Terry Garvin. The late Terry Joyal aka Terry Garvin was famous for being overtly homosexual throughout his time with WWE, then called as WWF. If truth be told he was known to keep address book packed with names and addresses of partners he attached with once on the road.

Gay Wrestling WWE

Gay wrestlers in WWE Garvin was even defendant of stalking a 19-year-old, who ultimately arrive at a settlement with WWE, and gained national attention when WWE chief Vince McMahon mentioned the incident with program host Larry King on CNN’s Larry King Live.

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7. Rosa Mendes

Seventh on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Milena Roucka aka Rosa Mendes known to be one amongst WWE’s most famous Divas and gained huge reputation for her time on E! Series – Total Divas. Mendes huge break was in 2006, when once she gained attention in WWE’s Diva Search, reaching the top eight, but she didn’t win the completion.Gay Wrestling WWE

The 35-year-old came out as bisexual on episode of Total Divas, can be called a gay wrestler on WWE and was or is in a relationship with clothing company owner Bobby Schubenski.

8. Ernie Roth

Eighth on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Ernie Roth, who was a fixed member in professional wrestling from way back. He was referred to as the Grand Wizard of Wrestling or Abdullah Farouk.

Gay Wrestling WWE
A Hall of Fame inductee in 1995, Roth was frequently sporting flashily colored turbans and sequined jackets when he doing the ring coaching on his wrestlers. He was overtly homosexual & his sexuality has even been mentioned in documentaries including The World’s Greatest Wrestling Managers.

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9. Matt Cage

Ninth on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Matt Cage, who debuted in 2009 and has been creating the rounds throughout many freelance league circuits. He’s widely referred to as an indie wrestler at this stage in his career, tho’ his popularity simply took a large surge thanks to an attention seeking statement.

Gay Wrestling WWE

Following the legitimation of gay wedding throughout the U.S., Cage places forth a public statement within which he displayed to being gay via numerous social media shops. The dear statement had been flowing over the web and is quickly turning into a viral sensation.

Cage states that the statement has eased out an incredible quantity of stress as well as the burden of depression off of his shoulders.


10. Adrian Adonis

Gay Wrestling WWE

Tenth on the list of 10 gay wrestlers in WWE is Adrian Adonis. One can’t pen down a list of gay wrestlers on WWE without mentioning Keith Franke aka “Adorable” Adrian Adonis. Few fans throughout the WWF era can’t forget his funky costume with also his “Flower Shop” section as well as the Wrestlemania II hair vs hair match.

All in all, despite the superstars WWE bragged off within the ‘80s, Adonis and his antiques continually managed to square out and created a distinct segment for him within the franchise’s history.

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