Brendan Schaub’s girlfriend Finally Give Birth to Child Tigеr Pаx Schаub

Retired UFC heavyweight wrestler turned successful podcast host Brendan Schaub dated many including UFC superstar Ronda Rousey a few years ago, however, in more recent times Brendan Schaub girlfriend Joanna Zanella, was the lady he was waiting for. They gave birth to their kid. On February 21, 2016, they welcomed their first child Tiger Pax Schaub. Brendan Schaub’s girlfriend Joanna Zanella, was Ms. Mexico 2009 and is a TV host for Univision Deportes.

She is definitely very hot & sexy, the true definition of beauty. Her gorgeous face and the well shaped toned figure would not go unnoticed by someone like Brendan. She has a weight of 125lbs. Her bust is 34’’, waist 26’’ and the hips 37’’. Her hair length is shoulder length. The eye color is hazel and a tanned skin color. Brendan Schaub couldn’t resist her charm. Brendan Schaub Joanna Zanella looks to be very close. The entire humankind could tell that they are love birds.





According to Brendan Schaub girlfriend Joanna Zanella, she has great interest in acting, commercial work, crazy make up, catalogue work, glamour among others.


Whether Brendan Schaub & Joanna Zanella are in love with each other or not, it is not clear. However, Brendan Schaub happened to say at one time that he is a free agent. He referred himself as a single man. Word has it that whatever he meant by talking of ‘’free agent’’ is that he is still not married to Joanna but that doesn’t indicates that the Brendan Schaub & Joanna Zanella is no longer a couple. From the look of things, he seemed to be quite seriously in love with his girlfriend.  Chances of the Brendan Schaub & Joanna Zanella splitting are quite minimal. If anybody was asked, they can definitely say that both have a future. All in all, time will tell whether the couple are determined to live together for better or worse.

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In conclusion, attractiveness lies in the eyes of the beholder. Brendan Schaub believes that the world`s most attractive lady is his queen. You may want to differ but the kid they have is sufficient proof of the love they together share.

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Brendan Schaub’s girlfriend

Brendan Schaub & Ronda Rousey

Ex Brendan Schaub girlfriend Ronda Rousey, didn’t get along resulting to breakup. Brendan once said that Ronda is “too manly, she likes attention & wants others to take a back seat.” He also expressed that, he is not that kind of person who likes to take back seat, so possibly the ego clash might be a reason for their separation.

Brendan Schaub, lately expressed his opinion on the rumours that Rousey is dating married UFC Heavyweight star Travis Browne, who won against Brendan Schaub in convincing fight, a man also charged with domestic violence in the past, something Schaub didn’t hesitate to talk about.

Schaub spoke on the Rousey-Browne relationship, gossips on the latest edition of his podcast, noting Rousey comes off as a hypocrite for discussing so much in the media about boxing champion Floyd Mayweather’s history of domestic abuse, while dating someone who isn’t only married, but has been accused of related domestic abuse events in the past.

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“It’s tough when you’re like, ‘uh don’t be a do-nothing bitch’ and you hate on [Floyd] Mayweather, and then your boyfriend’s over here beating the shit out of his wife,” Schaub said. “And not to mention, he’s still married. So it’s tough when you’re a role model.”



Brendan Schaub’s girlfriends lists includes comedian and actress Whitney Cummings, known to have been romantically involved with each other, Cummings is best known for creating and starring in the CBS TV show, ‘Whitney’ and co-creating the successful ‘2 Broke Girls’ show, alongside her flourishing stand-up comedy career.

In 2013, there were gossip of Andrea Thompson being Brendan Schaub’s girlfriend, are those rumours right or wrong? We also don’t know, but looking at the pictures of them, it seems that they were close & happy with each other. Andrea Thompson was a host, model, fitness enthusiast and participated in Miss USA as Miss Colorado.


Brendan Schaub’s girlfriend


Brendan Schaub’s girlfriend

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