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We all know how brutal UFC fights can be, as a result there will be swelling, fractures, bleeding & much more such kind of injuries. But the real brutality of a fighter is shown by how bloody is the face of his opponent. Yes, you got it right, this article is about Bloodiest UFC Fights, which is not only painful to UFC fighters but requires a strong heart to watch. 

There is no mercy shown by any UFC fighter, especially when it comes to tearing opponent’s face off. UFC fans are thrilled & enjoy watching such bloody, painful & dangerous fights. So for such fans, we have got this article on Bloodiest UFC Fights, which will help them to know & remember the Bloodiest UFC Fights in the history of UFC.

Bloodiest UFC Fights

Here is the list of the Bloodiest UFC Fights in the History of UFC:


10. Sean Sherk vs. Kenny Florian

Еvеnt wаs UFC 64 Lаs Vеgаs
Blееdеr: Sean Sherk viа rаzor еlbows

Bloodiest UFC Fights In History


Florian was already renowned for his hellacious “hell-bows,” and despite being taken down, it had been one from rock bottom that hit Sherk. Since the fight was on, Sherk’s sizable wrestling advantage continued to present itself, leaving Sherk within the high position and hurt everywhere on his opponent. Even if he was winning rounds, from the appearance of it, Sherk was in an exceedingly major dogfight. But, Sherk’s superior wrestling game would ultimately win him this Bloodiest UFC Fights – and therefore the UFC lightweight strap.


The result was Sean Sherk wins by the unanimous call.


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  1. Jeremy Stephens vs. Estevan Payan – UFC 160

Jeremy Stephens started his Featherweight debut against Estevan Payan within the initial fight of the UFC 160.

Bloodiest UFC Fights In History

Payan landed some solid shots to begin out the second round, however, gave up another takedown. Elbows from guard open up the cut on Payan’s forehead and therefore the blood was flowing. Stephens took the back looking for the rear naked choke. Pools of blood fashioned on Payan’s knees as he defended the submission attempt. Payan survived the round.

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Only a number of seconds into the ultimate round and blood is already streaming from Payan’s face. Head kick lands from Stephens before he scored another takedown that causes back control. More blood, plenty of blood. Seriously, you would like to see this how bloody this fight was.

Results were Jeremy Stephens defeated Estevan Payan via unanimous call (30-26, 30-26, 30-27).


8. Chris Lytle vs Josh Koscheck

Event wаs UFC 86
Breeder: Chris Lytle viа punches аnd elbows stаnding.

Bloodiest UFC Fights In History


The fight began to unfold in Koscheck’s favor. His strikes spread out a horrific gash on Lytle, but Lytle was stubborn & did not quit the fight. The sight of crazy amounts of blood spilling on the canvas got individuals look to cringe. Koscheck went on to win the fight by call, however Lytle attained an ethical finish therein he unbroken going despite having a lot of blood coming from his body.

Within the second round, Koscheck teed off and made a cut above Lytle’s right eye. It bled briskly. At one instance close to end of the round, Koscheck worked him over close to the cage, leaving very little puddles of plasma each few feet. Once Lytle finally got up, he had blood covering nearly all of the skin on his face and running all the way down to his right arm, whereas Koscheck’s blonde hair was then streaky pink.

Result wаs Josh Koscheck by Unаnimous Call.


  1. Stefan Struve vs. Denis Stojnic – UFC 99


Bloodiest UFC Fights In History

During the primary round of the heavyweight bout between Stefan Struve and Denis Stojnic at UFC 99, Stojnic made out a nasty cut on Struve’s forehead.

But Struve came back and managed to win the fight with a rear-naked choke with in the second round, and he aforementioned subsequently that though he was dazed and had blood running into his eyes, he felt satisfied regarding however things had gone. Struve and Stojnic got into a shoving match at the weigh-in on Friday, however, Struve got the victory.


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  1. Edwin Dewees vs. Gideon Ray – Thе Ultimаtе Fightеr 4

Bloodiest UFC Fights In History

Technically, this wasn’t an official UFC fight, however the first-round match-up on season 4 of TUF. Regardless, it still merits its place on the bloodiest UFC fights list.

Gideon Ray elbowed a hatchet-wound into Edwin Dewees’s forehead. When it had been determined that a “sudden victory” round would be necessary — which Dewees might continue fighting, despite already going away a few pints on the ground — “Babyface” spent large part of the last frame on Ray, with blood spouting from his head directly into the nose and mouth of his opponent. Ray was visibly freaked out, and was unable to mount a good offense; Dewees got the choice win and advanced to the semis.

Dewees got the choice win and advanced to the semis.



  1. Jonathan Goulet vs. Jay Hieron– UFC Ultimаtе Fight Night 2  

Bloodiest UFC Fight In History


Surprisingly, this is the alone fight on this list that was really stopped as a result of a cut – a testament to simply how bloody it got.
The butchery during this one was caused by a Goulet’s knee. Though the fight was allowed to continue into the third, it was absolutely stopped midway through that final frame, as Hieron had begun to gush blood to a dangerous extent.
This, of course, resulted in an exceedingly third-round technical knockout/ knockout win for Goulet.

  1. Renato Sobral vs David Heath UFC 74


Bloodiest UFC Fights In History

The fight between Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral and David Heath at UFC 74 is taken into account by several observers to be the bloodiest UFC fights that ever transpire, and it had been stuffed with controversies.

Babalu punished Heath pitilessly, then choke him unconscious. Babalu controlled the fight, however, things got very bloody within the second once he made a cut on Heath’s forehead that writer Joe Rogan observed as “nasty.” Babalu then broadened that cut till Heath’s soul was in peril of gushing out of his head. Babalu over this one by choking Heath beyond the point of submission, forcing referee Steve Mazzagatti to pry his arms open to free the sleeping Heath. It had been deemed an offense merit dismissal by the UFC brass.

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3: Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva – UFC 146


Bloodiest UFC Fights In History

Just seconds into the primary bout, Velasquez used a caught-kick to get things to the mat. From there he quickly opened his hulky foe up with a short elbow from top position, and in moments, the surface looked just like the floor of a slaughterhouse. The fight, that lasted till the 3:36 mark, would go down collectively of the bloodiest – if not the bloodiest – in UFC history.

Velasquez defeated Silva via a technical knockout conclusion within the terrible 1st round.


2: BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson – UFC 80


Bloodiest UFC Fight In History

One of the bloodiest UFC fights Ever.

Early within the 1st round, within 40  seconds, Penn hit into Stevenson’ hairline with a right elbow across Stevenson’s brow, resulting it open.

The ensuing wound instantly began to leak sort of a regulator, painting each fighter red till Penn capped things off with a second-round submission win, winning the title within the method. Within the moments after the stoppage, Penn would magnificently lick the blood off his gloves, immortalizing himself together of the game’s finest purveyors of savagery as he did.


BJ Penn won with Technical Knock Out


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1.Kazushi Sakuraba vs  Ricardo Arona

Еvеnt: Pridе: Criticаl Countdown

Bloodiest UFC Fight In History

It’s solely fitting that a list of the goriest, most brutal fights would be topped off with a gem from Pride, the land of association football kicks and knees to the top of a downed opponent. The latter did Sakuraba in throughout this match from the 2005 automobile race (Grand Prix). Arona spent a large part of the match stuffing Sakuraba’s takedowns controlling him from the top whereas kneeing him on the head.


Then Sakuraba’s ear began to bleed, beside his progressively lumpy face. Then he looked terrible, very sad. Then it continued for an additional jiffy. The fight verified two things: 1) Sakuraba is harder than any folks, and 2) knees to the top of a downed opponent could be a smart concept generally goes very dangerous.


Result: Arona wins by TKO (Corner Stoppаge) – Round 2

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