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Whenever you watch MMA fighters or fat boxers who are clearly overweight – think Mark Hunt or Butterbean – you often wonder just how these guys are able to clearly beat the shit out of people that are way more jacked and tougher looking than them? I’ve always wondered how it was possible fat nasty and apparently out of shape MMA fighters could beat guys that obviously spent time in the gym working on their skills. Most of FAT MMA FIGHTER have devastating knock out power that they’ve used to finish most of their fights.

Turns out that the exercises they dislike the most are the ones most likely to give them the best results. MMA coaches are using all types of interval training methods to burn fat while building match-specific endurance.

Fat MMA Fighter

Most MMA Heavyweights are heavier than 265 lbs. So does that mean we should all be getting big, fat bellies if we want to improve our punching power? Probably not as being overweight not only has a negative effect on our health but hampers our endurance as well as limits our speed and mobility which are other important factors in fighting. Still, more research needs to be done on whether fat bellies really have an effect on punching power as technique and natural ability most likely play a bigger role but it is still an interesting theory. my personal favorite Fat MMA Fighter is Emanuel Yarbrough.


Here is the list of the Fattest MMA fighters, who are playing or are retired in recent past.


  1. Emanuel Yarbrough – Weight 270 kg (595 lbs)

Fat MMA Fighter

Fat MMA Fighter

An sumo wrestler & mixed martial artists in the superweight division, with weight over 270 kgs 595 lbs, one of the most fattest Mixed Martial Artist. He died on 21st December 2015. He also acted in various movies like Dirty Movie (2011), Paranoia (1998) Hart to Hart: Harts in high seasons (1996), Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi with Akshay Kumar.


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  1. Teila Tuli – Weight 197 kg( 434 lbs) 

Teila Tuli

Born in Hawaii, a sumo wrestler, mixed martial artist & an actor. Acted in Hawaii Five-0, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. His last fight was on November 12, 1993 in UFC. His MMA record is 0-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) against Gerard Gerard Gordeau, who defeats Teila Tuli via KO/TKO at 0:26 of Round 1.


  1. ButterbeanWeight 193 kgs, 425 lbs)

Fat MMA Fighter

Fat MMA Fighter

Full name Eric Esch, a super heavy weight & can be called fat heavyweight boxer with MMA Record of 15-10-1 (Win-Loss-Draw).  Butterbean’s current streak is for 2 Losses & last Fight was on October 21, 2011, in PFC against Sandy Bowman lost by Butterbean by submission. His Career disclosed earnings are around $30,000 USD.


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  1. Zuluzinho – Weight 185 kgs,408 lbs)

Fourth in the fat mma fighter list, Zuluzinho is a Brazilian vale tudo fighter and mixed martial artist. A super heavy weight by physique, Zuluzinho has MMA record of 9-8-0, 1 NC (Win-Loss-Draw) & current streak of 1Loss. His last fight was on November 30, 2010 in MC against Gerônimo Dos Santos which was lost by him by knock out.


  1. Alexandru LunguWeight (165 kg, 363 lbs)

A Romanian super heavy weight & also a fat kickboxer, born on 3rd September 1974, with nickname Sandu, & has MMA Record of 14-4-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) with current Streak of 2 wins. His last fight was on December 19, 2016 in RXF against John Painter win by Alexandru by submission.

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  1. Bob Sapp – Weight 195 kgs (350 lbs)

Fat MMA Fighter

Fat MMA Fighter

Sixth in the list fat MMA fighters list, A heavy weight also called The Beast, born in Colorado on 22nd September 1972, has an MMA Record of 11-20-1 (Win-Loss-Draw) with Current Streak of 14 Losses. His last fight was on July 02, 2016 in RFC against Aorigele which Bob lost by knock out. His career disclosed earnings are $100,000 USD. He studied in the University of Washington. His head coach was Maurice Smith.

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  1. Scott Ferrozzo -Weight 149 kg, (328 lbs)

A retired MMA fighter from Minnesota, better known as The Pit Bull. Pit Bull best known for his victory over fat UFC beard guy Tank Abbott in the early years of the UFC,  Ferrozzo. Ferrozzo won his next 4 matches, including the win over David “Tank” Abbott by decision.  Ferrozzo’s final professional MMA match was a TKO loss to Vitor Belfort in under one minute at UFC 12. His MMA Record of 4-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) with current streak of 1 Win. His last fight was on February 07, 1997 in UFC.


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  1. Tim Sylvia – Weight 121 kgs, (266lbs)

Fat MMA Fighter

Fat MMA Fighter

Also known as The Man-iac, born on 5th march 1974 in Ellsworth, Maine, United states. His real name is Timothy Deane Sylvia with MMA record of 31-10-0, 1 NC (Win-Loss-Draw) with current streak of 3 Losses. His last fight was on October 26, 2013 in FNR which was cancelled due to Sylvia not cleared against Juliano Coutinho. He is former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion & is currently #80 Current Best MMA Heavyweight Fighter with disclosed Earnings of $1,940,000 USD.


  1. Brock Lesnar –Weight 120 kg (264 lbs)

Fat MMA Fighter

Fat MMA Fighter

Ninth in UFC fat guys list, Brock Edward Lesnar was born on 12th July 1977 in Webster, South Dakota, United States is Heavyweight mixed martial artist with record of 5-3-0, 1 NC (Win-Loss-Draw) with current streak of 2 losses & his last fight was on July 09, 2016 in UFC against Mark hunt. His height is 6’3″ (191cm) & reach is about 81.0″ (206cm). His career disclosed earnings are $5,375,000 USD.


  • #43, Greatest MMA Grappler of All Time
  • #47, Current Best MMA Heavyweight Fighter
  • #68, Current Best Pound For Pound MMA Fighter
  • #76, Greatest MMA Fighter of All Time


  1. Mark Hunt – Weight 120 kgs (264 lbs)

Fat MMA Fighter

Fat MMA Fighter

Mark Richard Hunt also was known as Super Samoan was born on 23rd March 1974 in South Auckland, New Zealand. Super Samoan is a fat UFC Heavyweight Mixed Martial Artist & kickboxer with a record of 13-11-1, 1 NC (Win-Loss-Draw) & current streak of 1 Win with last fight was on June 10, 2017, in UFC against Derrick Lewis which was won by Hunt by knock out. His height is 5’10” (178cm) & reach is about 72.0″ (183cm). Super Samoan career disclosed earnings are $2,035,000 USD.


  • #7, Current Best MMA Heavyweight Fighter
  • #9, Top Fan Favorite MMA Fighter
  • #15, Greatest MMA Striker of All Time


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