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Mixed Martial Arts is basically described by its initial word. The game of MMA was designed upon and presents athletes of mixed styles from many alternative disciplines of martial arts. This various styles of martial arts have played a major role in increasing competition in UFC. UFC started off wrestling 2 totally different styles against each other, to be frank, that’s the sweetness of MMA that it combines all of the opposite martial arts, to ascertain which of them will adapt and dominate. Many martial arts rise to the highest like wrestling, jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai but however some didn’t work, like tae kwon do. Check out Best Muay Thai Fighters of all time.

Muay Thai was invented in Thailand, this art is a combination of striking and clinching. Whereas it brings vicious elbows and kicks, Muay Thai is famous for its distinctive use of clinching and kneeing. As you would have understood that this article will be related to Muay Thai Fighter,

so here is a list of 10 Best Muay Thai Fighters in MMA.

1. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is considered the best Muay Thai fighters having one in all, the most effective Muay Thai plum clinch games and has been way more winning than anyone, in using it in his MMA career.

His 2 fights with former UFC Middleweight Champion, Rich Franklin, were a testament to the ability, Silva wielded along with his Muay Thai style. The discipline is all regarding close proximity, and no man desires to be in near proximity of “The Spider” once within the cage.

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2. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

She earns the second high position in the list of Best Muay Thai Fighter in MMA, as she has remained undefeatable in most of her Muay Thai career. Before her grand entry into MMA, she was solely concerned in kickboxing and Muay Thai.

She hails from European nation (Poland). Despite, being a high caliber fighter, her transition to Muay Thai wasn’t easy as a result of she had to struggle a lot to let ends meet. According to her, skilled combat matches for girls weren’t providing enough to her. Thus she determined to do something new that may rejuvenate her life.


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3. Jose Aldo

Best Muay Thai Fighters

Jose Aldo is maybe one amongst the most effective fighters to ever grace this game below one hundred fifty-five pounds class. He’s basically a Brazilian from the province of Favela. He legendarily went undefeated for near nine years, where eighteen matches were against the most effective and dangerous fighters in the world. He’s better-known for his tornadoes like power and unmatched strenuosity. He was a formidable power throughout his best days in Muay Thai MMA.


4. Carlos Condit

Carlos isn’t from Thailand just like the woman, who is second in this list of Best Muay Thai Fighters in MMA. In fact,  this position had been questioned by many individuals on whether or not it absolutely was applicable for him. Withal, he’s a formidable power and a merciless dog whenever he gets into the ring.

Best Muay Thai Fighters

There’s no method for stopping him; having won twenty-eight of the thirty matches he fought. His career spans back to his adolescent years and through it, he has left a slew of victims of his rage within the ring.

5. Rafael Dos Anjos

Rafael is the fact the present world champion within the lightweight weight class. With time passing by, he has become a formidable power to be reckoned with. He’s best known as RDA and came into the limelight of UFC in 2009 when he was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Best Muay Thai Fighters

RDA’s career was full of ups and downs, having lost 2 of his professional matches. Still, his striking and fighting skills are one of the most effective within the world of Muay Thai MMA.


6. Edson Barboza

Sixth in the list of Best Muay Thai Fighter is Edson Barboza. In mixed martial arts, exclusively some men will have such strong striking power like that of Edson. He’s a lightweight weight champion owning a number of the most effective knockouts within the history of the sport.

Best Muay Thai Fighters

His kicks are so good that it gives nightmares to others fighters. In one amongst his recent matches, he went to fought against ex- world champion Anthony Pettis’s and beating the hell out the former world champ & eventually taking his position as the world champion.


7. Cris “Cyborg” Justino

Justino is one of the most universally respected female Muay Thai fighters MMA. He has been rocking the ring since 2006 with several achievements. She is reputed for stopping 14 of his 15 opponents on the first round. Through pout her career, only six fighters have made it to challenge her to a second round. She is known to prefer fighting in closed quarters. She is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Best Muay Thai Fighters

Justino is one amongst the foremost universally respected woman Muay Thai fighter. She has been rocking the ring since 2006 with so many achievements. She is famous for beating fourteen of his fifteen opponents in the first bout. Throughout her career, solely six fighters have been able to made it to challenge her to a second bout. She likes fight in closed quarters. She is really a force to be reckoned with.



Best Muay Thai Fighters

Eighth in the list of Best Muay Thai Fighter is Donald Cerrone. Fans like Cerrone as he is a crazy man, who just wants to fight as often as possible. His Muay Thai manner is accurate and he has a dangerous switch kick, with the main weakness of his style being that he lacks head movement, since he’s happy to eat a shot or ten if it means he gets his own off.


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9. Matt Brown

Many of his supporters like to refer him as the IMMORTAL. Regardless of the fact that he has faced challenges in his professional journey. Nobody can not question his position in this list of Best Muay Thai Fighter in MMA.Best Muay Thai Fighters

He started his UFC journey in a low tone, having lost 5 of his matches by submission. People know that he has poor defensive technique. However, his journey turned out good for him when his career started flourishing and made him into world championship.

10. Thiago Santos

Santos belongs to Brazil and he is considered not as powerful as the other fighters in the list of Best Muay Thai Fighters in MMA, however, he has had a pretty successful career. His skills are pretty amazing & deserve appreciation.Best Muay Thai Fighters

He was a participant during the 2nd season of the Ultimate Fighter in Brazil. Though his career in the game looks shady, however, nobody can refuse to the fact that he is not physically talented. Presently he just requires making up for his wrestling skills and we might soon have him on top of the list of Best Muay Thai Fighters in MMA. Nobody can ascertain anything for the future!


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